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Verifying Contracts


While ContractCase is in beta, some of the documentation is incomplete or bullet points only.

Each breaking change during the beta, one more document will be completed. If this notice is present in a document, it is not yet considered complete. If you are having trouble using ContractCase or you would like a particular document prioritised, please open an issue

Downloading contracts to verify

To verify a contract, you will need to download contracts first:


npx @contract-case/cli download-contracts "$YOUR_SERVICE_NAME"

Alternatively, it can be used directly in a script in your package.json:

  "pretest": "ContractCase download-contracts \"$YOUR_SERVICE_NAME\""

Note that currently the downloader only downloads contracts with the following selectors:

mainBranch: true,
deployedOrReleased: true,
{ latest: true },

The downloaded contracts will be in ./temp-contracts

Verifying a contract

Depending on what is in your contract, you may need to set triggers or state handlers. If you need to set these, and don't, then ContractCase will fail with a configuration error.

providerName: YOUR_SERVICE_NAME,
contractDir: './temp-contracts', // The downloader can currently only download contracts to `temp-contracts`
(verifier) => {
// perform any setup
// Start your service here (if necessary)

verifier.runVerification(/* any additional config eg triggers or state handlers goes in here */);
  • By default, verification results are uploaded to a broker if the broker access tokens and baseUrl are set and the run is in CI. Set the option publish: true or publish: false to override this
  • By default, verification failures will not throw errors. This can be overridden with throwOnFail: true in the options.
  • You will need to add deployment checks before you get the deployment safety